How to Create a Transparent Spraypaint Image in Source Games

In numerous multiplayer games made by Valve, there is a shower paint highlight where a player can splash his or her logo where other individuals can see it. Typically, splash paint logos must be rectangular, however in the event that you take after this guide you will have a wacky logo with a sporadic shape that can be utilized to enhance your mark.

Get ‘The urdulp’, an absolutely 100% free picture altering program. You can download it from urdulp

Introduce Urdulp and the runtime records, and begin the program

Select ‘New Picture’, and make the determination 256×256 pixels. Ensure that alongside ‘Load With’, you select ‘Straightforwardness’. This is the pivotal piece of influencing the shower to paint.

Make your logo anyway you need, and recollect that they don’t need to touch the edges of the container, this will be resized later. There are numerous propelled picture altering instruments like the ones in Adobe’s Photoshop for you to utilize.

When you are happy with how your logo will show up on a surface amid the game, click ‘Spare As’ and pick ‘x.tga’ where x is the name of your logo. A case with two check boxes will show up. Ensure you uncheck both boxes, at that point click ‘alright’.

Open Steam and begin the game you intend to utilize the splash paint with. In the fundamental menu, go to ‘Alternatives’, at that point ‘Multiplayer’, and you will see a catch called ‘Import Shower’

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