How to Get an Flash Game Onto a Flash Drive

Your data preloaded USB flash drive is a promotional item that is ever increasing in popularity. Branding the flash drive with your logo on the outdoors is somewhat of a no brainer and some companies also give you the option to place a telephone number or current email address on the outside. The addition of contact details on the exterior will certainly boost the amount of folks who contact you after you’ve handed them away so it is obviously a service worth looking for when you choose your USB flash drive supplier. However, with up to 8GBs worth of solid state memory to play with on the inside, there exists much more you can do to once you enter the world of data preloading.

Pre-installed material can be whatever from power point film negatives to games. You can put almost any program you want onto an USB Flash Drive with such a vast array of possibilities to choose from you can get it both very right and extremely wrong.

To be sure you don’t ruin your promotional gift idea you have to plan carefully the content you want to preload. Think about the impact you want your present to have, do you want it to entertain the receiver or do you actually want it to be useful to them? Funny videos are great, but is the person going to remember your brand or maybe the big ape playing the drums. Are they going to want to keep that tediously long load of facts about your company on the flash drive, and/or they going to delete them for a video of a Granny drop kicking her offspring

A successful piece of advertising and marketing will both engage the audience and make them want to revisit the material, at the same time it must get the message about your business across or you might as well give them a chart CD.

Popularly preloaded examples of preloaded material are:

Video Files - You can put on amusing advertisements that will make the consumer want to keep the material on the USB Flash Drive. Make sure you’re getting your message across at the same time though.
Images - Images of your products
PDFs - Perfect for delivering presentations and course notes. PDFs run on free software unlike word documents, making them a popular choice.
Link to website - Simple but straight to the point, allows you to update this content they are accessing. Often going run automatically on insertion of the drive.
PPT - If you’re presenting at a conference an expensive drive is a fairly easy way to permit your clients to take the presentations home with them
There is no rule saying you have to choose, you may preload all of these. They can even be safeguarded from deletion, but this is actually not suggested as though they can’t erase the material they could chuck away the drive entirely. The challenge for you therefore is to give them something they want to keep and make sure they know who gave it to them.

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