How to Play Trash

The rank amateur player should stick to his starting hand requirements and normal tournament strategy. If you are looking to become a more advanced poker player, you should learn how to play trash. Playing rubbish hands is very thrilling profitable at the same time. Many times you can raise 72 off suit in position and hit a huge bomb. If your opponent happens to hold a good starting hand, he will easily lose his entire stack to you. Position gives the benefit of being last to do something on every round of betting. With position, you have three ways to win: you could have the best hand, you could bluff your opponent, and also you could draw to the best hand. Using position and aggression is key to playing trash hands. You are relying on the probability that your opponent will fold most times to a wager on the flop. In case your extension wager on the bomb does not push him out, you may strike a bigger hand on the turn.

The best thing about playing trash hands is that your hand is totally disguised. Very few opponents can put you on a hand like 72 off suit. If the flop comes K several 2 and your challenger holds AK in the big blind, you’ll probably take all of his money. I have found that the better I actually get in poker, the more hands I play. The more trash hands that I play, the more action I get on my big hands. People think playing trash is a donkey move because they don’t completely understand it can value in position. Increase with trash and eliminate the competition. The better you get at holdem poker, the worse your competitors will think you play. Don’t worry about your opponents who call you a fish. You may have their money soon enough. I encourage you to release up your game it is in place and frustrate your oppositions in the process.

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