SnapPic Collage Photo Editor & Beauty Selfie Cam

SnapPic Collage Photo Editor & Beauty Selfie Cam - is a best photo maker for you with square ,video,collage and selfie camera.
You can make your photo be square with no cropping and post full size photo to Instagram /Facebook and so on.

SnapPic Collage Photo Editor provide the square video function for you . You can add blur and solid background for your video and share the video to SNS with your friends . At the same time you can collage you photos with SnapPic

SnapPic Collage Photo Editor will provide the snap function for you . You can add the emojis and text together and share the snap photo for your friends. It’s a powerful function for you and you can add any funny emojis and text . If you want remove it pls long touch it .

Alone with SnapPic Collage Photo Editor you can create the best square photo and snap pic.

The best square video and collage creator for you !


There are more popular function for you .Blur background/ shadow/ overlapping . 15+ borders for you. You can add blur background for your photo and adjust it . We provide the solid background / grad background and pattern for your photo . You can choose it and add for your photos. 300+ stickers and 20+ filters will make your photo be more beautiful. Add text so easy .


SnapPic Collage Photo Editor is the best app to create square video and collage effect for you.

You can crop the video and add the background for your video . And post your square video for SNS
Be square with blur and solid background no cropping . Flip / Rotate / Inside function.Full size video !


Alone with SnapPic Collage Photo Editor You can collage the photos with variety of layout for your photos You can collage 1-9 photos.100+ background for you . Adjust the photo space so easy . Outer/ Inner/ Corner/ Rotation. Ration with a bar.Add the text on your photo

SnapPic Collage Photo Editor : A square photo maker for you with square collage and video .
Share your square video and collage for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and so on . Enjoy it !


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