Two million copies sold, fees in the amount of more than twenty million dollars, and first places in the tops of Twitch and Steam sales – this is how PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS started in the first two months. It was created by Brendan Green – the author of the Battle Royale mod for ArmA 2.

PUBG is a serious single (or team) online shooter with well-designed ballistics, lots of equipment and weapons, and with a million possible tactical schemes. This game is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Apple, and Android.

PUBG is a game that creates stories. A game about how you and your friends were driving in the desert and your car turned turtle, two more “gangs” heart this noise and came to kill you, so you had to fire back, hiding behind an inverted car. A game about how you alone, without any arms at all, became the only survivor, simply running everyone down with a car. A game about how you landed with another player at one point, where there were no weapons at all and you had to fistfight. This is a game of thousands of stories and adventures, regardless of which PUBG you play – smart and tactical, or crazy and fun.

What is the essence of PUBG? One hundred players in the post-Soviet time parachute on the fictional Erangel Island in the Black Sea. However, there are 4 maps in PUBG: you can survive in the hot Mexican Miramar, tropical Sanhok, or winter Vikendi.

The route of the plane on which you arrive is different each time, and you can choose the moment for the parachute jump yourself. You have no equipment as it should be looked for on the ground, rifling houses. Over time, you can notice on the map a highlighted area that is gradually reduced, and all players outside of it die rather quickly. Getting out of this area does not guarantee instant death, but the player’s health outside the “dome” is gradually taken away. That is why matches in PUBG are very dynamic and usually take no more than thirty minutes of real time. The goal is to survive. Only one player will remain alive. It is that simple.

You get to the island without weapons and equipment. But on the ground, you can find all that you can wish for: guns, assault rifles, Uzi, sniper rifles, grenades, and even crossbows. And of course, the most formidable weapon – pans. As a rule, it is easy to find a gun, but you have to run a little to get the rest.

What exactly you find depends on the random number generator. It happens that in some room there is AKM and M16, and in the next match, there will be three low-level backpacks. Well, in case you have a very bloodthirsty mood, do not waste time searching for weapons. You have your own fists, why do you need anything else?

In addition to an impressive set of weapons and equipment, sometimes you can find clothes. It does not affect anything, but ... how can you pass by such a glamorous coat? Pretty girls will surely appreciate it.

You may need a vehicle for travel. If you're lucky, you will find one of the two UAZ models, the Dacia car, a buggy, a motorcycle, or even a boat. But if possible, it is better to walk. Motors are very noisy. You only to start the engine, and all players in the district immediately know where you are.

The sound is generally the main guide in the world of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. By the sound of footsteps and shots, you can understand if there is an enemy nearby and where he is. Perhaps you will even figure out a sniper. All told, sound and weapons are your only allies in this post-Soviet “hunger games.”

Also, in the place of girls, I would avoid dating a nerd


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