Top 8 Coolest Cartoons Everyone Should Watch


Do not know what to watch? Nowadays, it is not easy to find a really good cartoon. Therefore, we present you top 8 the coolest cartoons that everyone should watch at least once. Moreover, they will captivate not only children but also parents. If you nerd forget about dating single girl.

1. Toy Story

“Toy Story” is considered the first three-dimensional computer-simulated cartoon. It was created in 1995. Toy Story will surely be remembered by many of you. After all, in childhood, everyone suspected that the toys come to life, you just have to get out of the room. And indeed it is. At least in the room of a boy named Andy. It turns out that toys can be both friends and ruthless enemies...

2. Kung Fu Panda

"Kung Fu Panda" is a cartoon which takes place in China inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Among these animals, there is a talented panda whose name is Po, he becomes a Kung Fu master known throughout China. The cartoon received a very large number of awards, as well as many positive reviews from critics.

3. Madagascar

This funny and interesting cartoon was created in 2005. According to the plot of the cartoon, four animals – a lion, a giraffe, a zebra, and a hippopotamus decide to escape from the zoo. After the shipwreck, they get to the island of Madagascar, where they have to part with their urban habits...

4. How to Train Your Dragon

“How to Train Your Dragon” was released in 2010 by the studio "DreamWorks Animation", and already after half a year, it collected $500 million. The cartoon tells a story about a boy named Hiccup and a dragon Toothless, who became friends despite the fact that the Viking tribe is in constant war with dragons. Together they embark on a journey and prove that dragons and Vikings can live in peace.

5. Over the Hedge

The cartoon tells us a story about animals that, after hibernation, find a high hedge in their territory. A raccoon named RJ explains to everyone that behind this hedge, there is an entrance to a good life, where strange creatures called people live. Animals decide to enter the world of a beautiful life...

6. Ice Age

This cartoon tells us about two friends – the mammoth Manny and the sloth Sid. Despite the fact that the ice age is approaching and all the animals have migrated south, they decide to stay. They accidentally find a human child and go on a journey in search of people to get him back. On the way, they meet a saber-tooth tiger, who joins their adventure. This cartoon is about true friendship, love, goodness, and hope.

7. Zootopia

A hare named Judy Hopps has been dreaming of becoming a police officer since childhood, but no one takes her desire seriously because this job does not suit such a cute little animal. But Judy manages to graduate from the academy and goes to the center of Zootopia, where she tries to become a real police officer, and a cunning fox named Nick Wilde helps her to do it.

8. Hotel Transylvania

In order to protect his daughter from human eyes, Count Dracula built a special hotel for monsters, in which he and his monster friends can get some rest from tiresome people and raise their children in a quiet atmosphere. But suddenly, a young tourist accidentally gets into the hotel, thinking that this is a costume party.


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